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Program Overview

Continuing education plays a critical role in the development and mastery of the leadership and management skills necessary to effectively administer any police agency.

To help better prepare Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Associates (FBINAA) members and other executive law enforcement command/supervisory personnel for their leadership roles within their departments and communities, the American Military University (AMU) has partnered with the FBINAA Charitable Foundation, as well as other statewide law enforcement associations to develop undergraduate and graduate level Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Certificate Programs.

To best suit the busy lives of officers, AMU’s Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Certificate Programs courses are offered and may be completed 100% online. Furthermore, officers who wish to continue their education may then apply those courses toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree in criminal justice, management or public administration at AMU.

The FBINAA Charitable Foundation has allocated (4) $500.00 tuition reimbursement awards to help cover the course tuition costs of eligible FBINAA members who wish to continue their education by participating in Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Certificate Programs offered by AMU.

Please note that course tuition for FBINAA members is also reduced by AMU’s generous waiving of the $50.00 technology fee. Course tuition may be further reduced by 10% by taking Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Certificate Programs courses as a part of a “cohort” group.

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To help encourage FBINAA Member participation in AMU’s Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Certificate Programs, the FBINAA Charitable Foundation has allocated $2,000.00 in course tuition reimbursement funds.  These funds will be dispersed as (4) $500.00 course tuition reimbursement awards. To be considered for a course tuition reimbursement award, you must be a FBINAA member in good standing and provide the following documentation along with your completed FBINAA Charitable Foundation Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Certificate Program Tuition Reimbursement Application Form

  • Proof of Course Payment: A receipt issued by the American Military University (AMU) documenting tuition amount paid for the enrollment in ANY Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Program undergraduate or graduate course.
    NOTE: This receipt must document the name and address of the individual or agency that had remitted payment of the course tuition.
  • Proof of Course Completion: A document issued by AMU confirming that you have successfully completed the Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Program undergraduate or graduate course in which you are seeking tuition reimbursement.

Tuition Reimbursement Application Must be Submitted electronically to:

Chief John LeLacheur
FBINAA Charitable Foundation

Tuition Reimbursement Application Review, Award Notification & Dispersal:

All tuition reimbursement applications will be reviewed by FBINAA Charitable Foundation Board Members to determine which applicants will receive the course tuition reimbursement awards.

If you are selected for a tuition reimbursement award, you will be notified by a FBINAA Charitable Foundation Member. The tuition reimbursement award will be sent as a check addressed to the individual or agency that had remitted payment of the course tuition.

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