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Planned Foundation Charitable Activities and Programs:

The charitable purpose of the National Academy Associates Charitable Foundation (the "Foundation") is to provide relief for the most severely distressed members of the FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. (the "Association") a 501(c)(3) organization, and/or their family members and the members and family members of other FBI affiliated nonprofit law enforcement associations. These members are generally either current or retired law enforcement leaders. The charitable purpose will be accomplished by the Foundation's Board of Directors, with assistance from the Foundation's Administrator, the Association's Executive Office staff and the Association's volunteer chapter officers. The Foundation's Board of Directors will publicize the Foundation's charitable purpose, funds and programs and subsequently review requests for assistance from either the NAA family or Disaster Relief funds, or the Hall of Honor Program and as deemed appropriate provide monetary relief grants to members in severe distress, or otherwise use funds to provide indirect support to members for the purpose of alleviating their severely distressing circumstances. Additionally, the Board of Directors will determine the appropriate recognition of a deceased member and fund this program. The activities in the NAA family and Disaster Relief funds, as well as the Hall of Honor and Member Remembrance Programs will be ongoing throughout the year and the assistance provided to members and their families will generally occur throughout the United States and to members and their families in foreign countries.

The NAA Family Fund:

The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance and support to assist in meeting the needs of members and their families who are in unusually dire circumstances, due to calamity, debilitating hardships or illnesses, or appalling circumstances to include a member's on- duty death.

Disaster Relief Fund:

The Association has members across the United States and around the world that have been significantly harmed by natural and other disasters, that also adversely impact their law enforcement operations and thereby the larger community. The purpose of this program would be to fund very select actions and operations that would alleviate some of the disaster's impact on the member's circumstances and/or their communities' law enforcement or public safety operations.

Hall of Honor Program:

The FBINAA recognizes and honors FBI National Academy graduates who are killed as a result of adversarial action, as well as recognizing, honoring, and supporting their families.  The Foundation will assist in supporting the families of these FBINAA members by funding initiatives that will help in their time of need.  

Planned Foundation Educational Activities and Programs:

The educational purpose of the Foundation is to provide increased educational and professional development opportunities to members of the Association and/or their children and grandchildren, and to members of other FBI affiliated nonprofit law enforcement associations and their children by funding scholarships, financially supporting the establishment of other educational and developmental opportunities and in encouraging academic excellence. The Foundation's educational purpose will be carried out by the Foundation's Board of Directors, with assistance from the Foundation's Administrator, the Association's Executive Office staff and the Association's volunteer chapter officers. The Foundation will publicize the details of the Professional Development Scholarships and Programs, the Youth Scholarship Programs, and the National Academy Session Writing and Research Award, review applications, select the scholarship recipients, and provide the appropriate funding for scholarships or other educational/developmental programs.

The awarding of Foundation scholarships, the offering of other educational/development opportunities and the recognition of academic excellence will generally occur at specific times throughout the year and be offered to members and their children throughout the United States and in foreign countries.

Professional Development Scholarships and Programs:

Annually offer select scholarships for members to attend undergraduate or graduate-level courses or programs in law enforcement, public safety, criminal justice, intelligence, counter-terrorism, cyber crime, homeland security, or leadership/management. Additionally, develop partnership opportunities for members to attend corporate and higher education sponsored leadership and educational programs provided as "in kind" corporate contributions to the foundation. Selection for the Professional Development Scholarships and programs will generally be based upon a combination of an applicant's past demonstrated commitment to pursuing additional education and professional development, academic excellence in these endeavors, an exemplary work history/performance in the applicant's past and current supervisory/leadership positions, outstanding personal integrity and character, and the intended course of study's potential to positively impact the department and/or community. Specific fellowship programs will generally have their own stated selection criteria based upon the nature of the fellowship.

Youth Scholarship Programs:

Annually, the foundation will fund a college scholarship program that will provide a yet to be determined number of scholarships to the children or grandchildren of Association members, and to the children of members of other FBI affiliated nonprofit law enforcement associations. The youth scholarship programs are the FBI NAA Financial Need scholarships, FBI NAA Leadership scholarships, and FBI NAA In Honor of the Fallen scholarships. Scholarships will generally be awarded based upon a student's financial need, academic achievement, self -help, and school or community involvement or a specific scholarship's stated criteria.

Planned Foundation Scientific Activities:

Establish a Law Enforcement\Criminal Justice Science and Innovation Award to annually recognize an individual or entity that has made the most significant overall contribution to the profession through the introduction of a new or significantly improved law enforcement\criminal justice product, technology, process or technique.

Other Activity:

The Foundation will from time to time make distributions of Foundation funds to organizations that qualify as tax exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for charitable, educational or scientific purposes, with particular emphasis upon organizations with law enforcement, public safety or criminal justice objectives.


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